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"B" Western Movie Gunrigs - (Cowboy_Gear)
Product ID: B west

During the golden-age of Hollywood "B" western movies (1930's & 1940's) heros and singing cowboys wore very fancy single and double holster Buscadaro gunbelts that were totally cinema creations and bore no resemblance to anything worn by real working cowboys of the old west. Many of these elaborate sets came from the shop of Edward H. Bohlin. Because these items are usually one of a kind creations that we calaborate on or they are copies of the rigs worn by Hoppy, Roy, Gene, et al, You and I must discuss your wants before we settle on a price. These can get expensive depending on the amount of decoration and precious metals you want to hang around your hips. Just one classic "B" western set is shown which utilizes hundreds of gold plated dots and two silver dollar conchas.

sample shown

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