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Product Description Image Price
The Stagecoach This is my copy of the holster designed by John Wayne & Ed Bohlin and used by The Duke in his earliest movies. The original, for a 4 3/4" Colt, was floral carved and worn on a 2" wide cartridge belt with a fancy silver rectangular buckle and tapered billet end. The original's color was oxblood. This rig was shown in the Bohlin catalog, along with other pricy John Wayne collectibles, until they stopped production of leather goods. The holster as shown is priced at $60.00. For brown, deduct $5.00. This may be ordered for Colt Single Action Army revolvers, Ruger Vaqueros, etc. with up to 7 1/2" barrels. Made to fit 2" belts; you must specify if a wider slot is needed. $sample shown
Andy Anderson Style Walk & Draw Gun Belt & holster (Roughout leather no longer available) Many people have requested to see the rough-out version of the Spaghetti Western set. Shown is my version or the rig made famous by Clint Eastwood and used by Cowboy actors such as Steve McQueen, James Drury, Peter Brown, Bill Smith, Doug McClure and others. The forward tilt walk & draw holster is shown but this can be made with the 5 degree tilt as shown above on this site. Basic prices are as follows: Smooth leather with up to 24 bullet loops $285. Rough-out leather with up to 12 loops $295. Rough-out leather with 24 loops $325. Rough-out leather with 12 loops and decorative stitching $325. Other combinations of work can be done as you need. Please request a price. These are double thick lined holsters and belts. The holsters have double main seam welts. $sample
The Frijole Ranch I found an excellent 1870's photo showing a westener wearing this holster in one of the museums at the Guadelupe Mountains National Park. The original showed a 7 1/2" Colt as pictured. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The Blackhawk I borrowed the design of the Sagamore Hill holster and altered it just a little to accommodate the Ruger Blackhawk with adjustable sights. Available for all barrel lengths. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample
The San Francisco Early slim-jim holsters that fully enclose and protect the pistol would be equally at home with a prospector or a Barbary Coast gambler. For all cap & ball revolvers or single action army revolvers. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The East Texas An early Mexican loop holster with slim-jim lines and a short back skirt. originals by H. Keller of Corpus Christi, Texas. C-1875. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The Dodge City An early design, this one originated by maker R.E. Rice of Dodge City, Kansas. C-1878. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The Sagamore Hill 7 1/2 Also called the Cheyenne style, President Teddy Roosevelt used one of these while ranching in the Dakotas and hunting all over the world. His original hangs in the gun room of his home, Sagamore Hill, in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Originals by: F.A.Meanea, J.S. Collins, et al. C-1880's. Other Sagamore Hill holsters for shorter barrle lengths are available for immediate delivery. Photos of this length holsterr have been requested by many so it is shown as a sample here. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The Billings Available with double retainer straps as shown or with the earlier style of a single 2 inch wide strap as on the originals by W.B. Ten Eyck of Billings, Montana Territory. Later variations were by H.H. Heiser of Denver. $55 for palin, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The Nogales Many old west photos show guns worn in a cross draw position. This canted holster rides comfortably in the saddle or behind a poker table. Shown with extra cost leather laced "whip stiched" main seam. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The Original Colorado A good looking design originated by M.E. French of Montrose, Colorado. This version is as the original with a wide back skirt and integral retainer strap. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The Colorado II The same M.E. French pattern but slimmed down a little and using a separate rivited retainer strap. As with ALL my holsters this available for all barrel lengths from 4 3/4" to 7 1/2". $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The Oklahoma This neat 1890's holster came into a gun show on an old money belt around the waist of an old gentleman who had it passed down to him by the original owner. Of Oklahoma origin. $55 for palin, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The Rio Grande A famous style made and used along the Texas-Chihuahua border since the 1880's. $60 for plain, $65 with border tooling, $70 with double border. The whip stitched main seam is an extra cost feature that must be specified if you want it on a special order holster.. $sample
The Lone Star An excellent early style for use with the new crop of cartridge conversion and open top revolvers being offered by Uberti, San Marco, and others. This slim line Mexican loop holster was originally made by H.C. Heilig of Castroville, Texas in the 1870's. A good choice for long or short barrelled SAAs as well. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
Lonsome Dove, The Holster Years ago I began getting requests to copy the holster used by the character Newt Call in this TV series. I believe this is one of Hollywood's more authentic pieces of leather gear. A nice cross draw holster appropriate to the 1880's and 90's. Can also be made with a neutral cant. $55 for palin, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sampole shown
The Marfa This offering was inspired by an 1885 style originally sold by the Marfa Saddlery Company of Marfa, Texas. It's authentic, good looking and the wide throat and relatively low profile recurve allows a smooth draw and quick reholster while still holding your pistol securely. Available with 3 integral retainer straps for 7 1/2" guns, 2 straps for 4 3/4" and 5 1/2' guns or 1 strap for 4 3/4" or Sheriff's models. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 for double border. $Sample Shown
The Durango I found an old Colt Lightning revolver in an original holster like this by J.S. Collins in Durango, Colorado. This is a very popular model with cowboy action shooters. $55 for plain, $60 with border tooling, $65 with double border. $sample shown
The Gambler A very comfortable shoulder holster with a separate chest strap for secutity. Adjustable to accommodate height of wear. $80 for plain, $85 for border tooling on the holster pouch. $sample shown
Custom Knife Scabbards The photo shows only a few of the designs I've made for re-enactors and sportsmen. As I always say, if you have a picture or a good drawing I can make it in leather. Best results come when I make the pattern from your knife. however, I can create a scabbard for you in some designs with an accurate tracing of the blade and measurement of the blade thickness. I cannot guarantee fit without physically having the knife to work with. Basic Pricing: Starts with a simple sewn on one side "roll over" design at $30. for sewn on two sides: $35. Main seam welts (helps keep you from cutting into the stitching)are $5 per side. Border tooling add from $3 to $5. Extra cost for knives with over 10 inch blades. Other custom work is available, let me know your needs and I'll quote a price. $samples shown
The John Wayne Style This style holster was used by the Duke in all his later movies. Cost for a fully lined holster as shown (completely hand sewn all around with smooth side out cowhide liner) is $125. An unlined holster in the same design is $55.00. Although not seen on John Wayne's personal holster, border tooling is available at $5.00 extra, a double border at $10 extra. Natural oiled leather color is shown. Dyed and oiled colors can be made as you require. Inquire about availability of a rough-out money belt with 24 cartridge loops. $sample shown
The Shane Copied from the original used by Alan Ladd in the classic Western movie. Shown is an unlined version. Originally made for a 5 1/2" gun even though Ladd carried a nickel plated 7 1/2" Colt. Cost for the item shown is $65.00 in Black. Lined versions available at extra cost. The Sand-cast Navajo silver conchas and buckle as used on the original "money belt" gunbelt are not comercially available today. However, many attractive moderately priced, large, silver-plated conchas are readily available to make up an attractive "Shane-like" gun rig. Please inquire about complete sets. $sample shown
NOTICE OF PRICE INCREASE If you are considering ordering any custom leather gear, please request a current price list. The prices posted for sample items that are made and ready to ship will remain as you see them. Anything new will be based on new prices. Basically, a plain holster is $65 and gunbelt is $85. The cost for bells and whistles are all on the price list. DESREGADE any prices quoted in the descriptions of the individual items shown as samples. price lists are available as a Word document. $special
The Masked Ranger Gunbelt & Holsters For fans of the Lone Ranger, I've designed a budget priced rig that will offer the classic look of the gunbelt made for Clayton Moore by the craftemen at the Edward H. Bohlin shop. The rig is made of single thickness 8 to 9 ounce Herman Oak cowhide, decorated with floral and border stampings and three sizes of nickel silver decorations. Silver plated ranger buckle sets are used on the main belt and the holster straps. Like the original, the bullet loops span the entire belt (up to 50 loops included in the shown price). For the rig shown, which was made for a customer in Ohio, the cost would be $445.00 (plus shipping). For rigs like the original which was fully lined and floral carved, please inquire about price. Additional photos showing closeups of the stamping are available. $sample
A Fancy Heiser Holster This holster sold for $73.00. The cost of what you would like will depend on the number of silver dots added to the basic pattern. Call about decorated holsters. 40 nickel silver dots were added to this copy of a turn of the century Herman Heiser holster for a 5 1/2" Colt SAA or Ruger Vaquero. $sample

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